GEN5 B25SF Sammy Free Bass

Photography by Kendra Paige (
ęKS Photography)
Sammy Free - Cleveland, OH - SUMMER NAMM
Boulder Creek NAMM JAM
Model B25SF UFO Silver - Black Pearl

The GEN 5 B2 5 String Bass models are new instruments based on the Professional Player's desire for great sound combined with a shape or form that is unique and as comfortable and easy to play, as possible.  The Ergotar Bass is specifically designed to position the playing surface (body & fingerboard) to the Player's body allowing the most comfortable access possible to the playing surface.  If you pick, tap or pluck the body is contoured away from the strings with sufficient body clearance.  The strap system and unique balance or suspension enable the instrument to be played low or high to adapt to your most comfortable playing position.

Sammy Free - Cleveland, OH - NAMM 1992-2020
B1 Ergotar 5 String Bass

Model GEN4 B25S Black Thunder

Sammy Free - Cleveland, OH
B3 Ergotar 5 String Bass
Model GEN3 B35S
White Pearl

Jocke Skog  - NAMM 1992-2020 DAR Amps
B1 Ergotar 4 String Bass
Model B14S - Willy White Pearl


(4, 5 or 6 String
Lefty Available)
Exotic woods, custom colors, neck materials, hardware  tremolo & custom pick-up packages, Upon Request.

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Ergotar Bass Models - Price List

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Ergotar GEN5 1992-2020 Bass Models

GEN5 B25SF UFO Silver / Pearl White - Slate Black Fretboard

GEN5 B25SF  Purple Haze / Pearl White - Rosewood Fretboard

GEN5 B25SF  Black / Silver - Slate Black Fretboard

GEN4 2011 Bass Models

GEN4 B25S  Black Metallic  - Slate Black Fretboard

GEN4 B14S  White Metallic  / - Blonde Dymondwood(TM) Fretboard

GEN3 Models

GEN3 B35 HHT Pearl White
ErgoComfort Arm, Rosewood Burgundy Fretboard

Ergotar Bass Models - Price List

Ergotar Guitar Models - Price List

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ErgoBalance Arm
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